Huang Yi


Yi is recognised as a young choreographer with much potential. In addition to choreography, he is also involved in video recording, photography and art installation. He is adept at incorporating 
multi-layered images and delicate body movement. Lin Hwai-min, founder of the prestigious Taiwanese company Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, once said, “Huang is 
an enfant terrible who reveals his unlimited potential in the interweaving of image and dance.” Over the past 6 years Cloudgate 2 has invited Huang Yi to choreograph several works; Body.Sound (2008), Wicked Fish (2009), Floating Domain (2010), Symphony Project - I. Mechanical Violin (2011).

His Symphony Project and Huang Yi & Kuka won 1st place in the digital performance competition 
of the Taipei Digital Art Festival in 2010 and 2012 respectively. The latter was performed at the Arts Electronica, Linz, Austria in 2013. Huang is the first Taiwanese artist invited to present at the
 Arts Electronica 2013 Festival for Art, Technology and Society in Tabakfabrik, Austria. Huang received a grant from the Asian Cultural Council to study in New York in 2013 and created Under the Horizon when he resided at the 3LD digital arts center, and was selected in the top 25 of choreographers to watch by the US Dance Magazine.