Jethro Woodward


Jethro Woodward, 2008

Jethro is a composition graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts School of Music. His previous credits include for Company B: Pillowman, Antigone: The Burial at Thebes and Black Medea (Malthouse Theatre), Arena Theatre Co. The Girl Who Cried Wolf and Criminology. Other theatre credits include Waikiki Hip (Sydney Theatre Company's Wharf2LOUD), Lally Katz and the Terrible Mysteries of the Volcano (Stuck Pigs Squealing), Hunger (Rawcus/Melbourne Symphony Orchestra), Sideshow (Rawcus) and Autobiography of Red (Malthouse Theatre).

Jethro has received Green Room Award nominations for his work on Hunger, Criminology, Black Medea, Duets of Desire, The Damask Drum, The Eisteddfod and Sideshow. As a bass player, guitarist or singer he has performed in the following ensembles: Cordrazine, SFC, Astra Choir and the Byrne Band. In 2008 he undertook professional development in New York and Ann Arbor, Michigan, supported by the Ian Potter Cultural Trust, researching innovative approaches to sound design and operation. Jethro was the sound designer for Kate Denborough's Pink Lines in 2008 for Tasdance's Parenthesis season.