Gavin Webber


Gavin Webber

Webber started dancing relatively late after many lost years spent hitch-hiking, skiing, writing, camping and studying. In 1993 he joined Meryl Tankard Australian Dance Theatre after training for three years at the Centre for the Performing arts in his hometown, Adelaide, South Australia. Staying with Meryl until 1998, he left a tour in Europe later joining Wim Vandekeybus and Ultima Vez in Belgium.  Returning to Australia in 2001, Webber started teaching and choreographing.

In 2005 Webber was appointed Artistic Director 
of Dancenorth in Queensland for four years, creating and touring seven works in this time. Webber 
is co-founder of Splintergroup and The Farm, based between Berlin and Australia and with these collectives has created four international co-productions, Lawn, Roadkill, Food Chain and Good Little Soldier, which have toured extensively. In 2010 Lawn and Roadkill received 6 Greenroom awards in Melbourne.

Webber has created work, performed and collaborated with Theater Freiburg, Heidelberg and PVC in Germany, Grayson Millwood and co-directed with Swiss based theatre director Christoph Frick. The Farm premiered Good Little Soldier in Berlin in 2013 and following that Grayson Millwood, Jeff Wood and Webber created Frontier, an experimental film about dirt. The Farm is currently based on the Gold Coast and have three shows in the making; Cut Away, Cock Fight and Project Q.