Title of work

The Time Together


This work is a summation, a celebration and a culmination of The Time Together with the splendid gang here at Tasdance. I had never met, let alone worked with, this intrepid group of dancers and I don’t think they had ever worked together as a unit before – but under the relentless creative demands of Janet and myself and the care of rehearsal director, Carol Wellman Kelly, what a company they have become!

Together we have immersed ourselves in the spatial landscape of Peter Sculthorpe’s score. Sometimes becoming part of his natural world, sometimes its inhabitants, the dancers paint themselves into his
 lush panorama with light and movement. Sadly, Peter is no longer with us but his extraordinary music encompasses and buffers us with his spirit.

My thanks to longtime collaborators Damien Cooper (lighting) and Jennifer Irwin (costumes) and to Darren Willmott (Production Manager) for bringing all elements together. But above all, The Time Together has given us the opportunity to reflect on one helluva woman – Annie Greig. I know I speak for Janet and myself, dancers past and present, you her loyal audience and the dance community here, across the nation and beyond, when 
I express loving gratitude for her brilliance and breadth of vision. Thank you Annie for giving us the time of our lives 
in The Time Together.  Graeme Murphy AO



Graeme Murphy AO, Creative Associate: Janet Vernon 


Peter Sculthorpe, Conductor: Hamish McKeich, performed by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra


Alana Everett, Bec Jones, Brianna Kell, Alya Manzart, Harrison Ritchie-Jones, Luigi VescioTristian Carter


Costume: Jennifer Irwin, Lighting: Damien Cooper