Title of work

Share Sight Scenery


Share Sight Scenery was a very absurdist kind of work that presented images and scenes as well as choreographed passages. It was very circus-like and had the feel of commedia characters such as Arlecchino. Felicity MacDonald was in a scene with Sandy Parker and Jane Diamond with them trying to get her to read the writing on the board. She would always get it wrong and they would say 'Try again' getting angrier each time. She would try reading it from different angles as if that would help.

There was a scene where we all came on with juggling balls but dropped them almost instantly. It is thought he was having some fun with the idea of failure and the extremes dancers might go to become the sort of person who succeeds. Another scene showed Martin Hughes with a mask and pulley. The dancers were never made aware of the allusions or metaphors.


John McLaughlin


Stephen Leek (Composer and Cello), Gillian Chapman (Clarinet)


Original cast: Neil Adams, Jane Diamond, Melita King, Felicity MacDonald, Sandra Parker, Martin Hughes, Raymond van der Plas


Costumes conceived by choreographer




Five by Five in 1986