David O’Neile


David O�Neile 1988

David was born in Newcastle, and completed an engineering course in Newcastle before training as a dancer at the Centre for Performing Arts, Adelaide for two years. His first professional engagement was with South Australian Opera in Gounod's Faust as a Devil. In 1983 he became a member of Don Askers', Human Veins Dance Theatre where he worked with choreographers, Graeme Watson and John Salisbury until 1986. He joined Tasdance under the direction of Jenny Kinder in January 1987 for 2 years.

After Tasdance, David completed a degree in English and Philosophy and then freelanced around Tasmania choreographing fashion parades, hair shows, rock eistedfodds, tutoring dance with the school of Human Movement Studies at the University of Tasmania and has performed with Stompin and again with Tasdance for Skin Deep in 1999. He has also worked with Jonathan Rees-Osborne on several projects: Looking for Flowers in 1998 and Sus Cujones sur Ia Meso developed for Tasdance and presented in the Poetry and Dance Festival in 1997 and a project called Lovely Lovely Days.