Title of work

Maximum Mobility

Synopsis Maximum Mobility is a physical and energetic piece. The movement is intricate in its detail, with the movement of specific body parts initiating further movement. It is in 3 sections, the first of which contains movement which darts from side to side with the dancers entering and exiting from different points of the space. The movement is continual with dancers exchanging movement sequences from one body to the next. In the second section the pace slows and dancers exit leaving two duets which focus on the interruption of the phrase of the other dancer. The third and final section begins with dancers walking and then running across the stage, carving pathways through space building momentum to full running speed. The dancers then begin a phrase which moves in and out of the floor which is like a roller coaster ride with the energy driving onward. Duets and trios appear out of the floor and mounds of bodies are created which allow the dancers to weave around each other. These formations continue to move around the space with no predictable structure. The energy maintains the momentum and culminates with the dancers darting across the space again and into the darkness.

Sandra Parker


Jon Hassell - Wing Melodies, Passage D.E, Power Spot


Paul Batey, Cate Handley, Lucia Harkin, Wendy McPhee, Catherine O'Brien, Michael O'Donoghue, Jonathan Rees-Osborne


Costume: Sandra Parker




Trespasses in 1992