Title of work

Lunar Return


Lunar Return explores in images of wheeling planets, shooting stars and weightlessness in space, man's ancient and compelling links with the phases of the moon.  The choreography explores out age old relationship with the moon. Although technology has given us greater understanding it has not detracted from the moon's power to fire our imagination. Strong earthbound movement reminiscent of ancient rituals is set against hard-edged fast aerial movement evoking space travel.


Neil Adams


Steve Reich - Variations for Winds, Strings and Keyboards


Original cast: Paul Batey, Callum Cowell, Nicole Fletcher, Wendy McPhee, Anna Smith, Cameron Wallace-Mitchell, Rachel Zinman

Dancers in Remounts: Toby Bell, Jon Burtt, Jennie Clayton, Shane Jessup, Catherine O'Brien, Jonathan Rees-Osborne, Sophie Yesberg


Costumes: Jenny Kinder


1989  First performed at the George Fairfax Studio, Victorian Arts Centre in Melbourne, October 5, 1989.


A Trip to the Moon on Gossamer Wings in 1989, Turning 10 and Sing the Past in 1991