Poonkhin Khut


Poonkhin Khut 1999

Poonkhin has been working in the area of sound design and cross media performance and installation since 1987. He has worked as a video artist with IHOS Opera in 1994 and 1995 as well as producing and designing contemporary music events and recitals (Provisional Ensemble, Soundstream Contemporary Music Ensemble and New Music Tasmania). His most 1999 installations Pillow Songs and SNARE have been exhibited in Hobart, Sydney and Melbourne. These installations incorporate sound, installation and text to create luminous and broodingly meditative environments that evoke a consideration of various aspects of the human journey in contemporary culture. Poonkhin composed the music for Sandra Parker's 50 Gestures (or ways to love you) in 1999 for Tasdance's Obsession season.