Sthan Kabar-Louet


Sthan Kabar-Louet 2009Born in Nouméa, New Caledonia in 1979, Sthan Kabar-Louët, choreographer and artistic director of Karbal Nouméa Ballet, trained as a dancer at the National Dance Conservatory of Avignon (France) before spending seven years dancing with the world renowned Béjart Ballet under legendary choreographer Maurice Béjart. His years with the company, combined with his natural creativity and his Pacific Island background, has led him to create work that reflects and honours the people and traditions of New Caledonia in an exciting, innovative and contemporary style. He choreographed Le Burceau Des Esprits (The Cradle of the Spirits) for Tasdance's Island Inspired as part of Ten Days on the Island 2009.