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Forcefield explores the element of wind or air. The score for Forcefield was created by Les Gilbert and uses sounds of aeroplanes recorded at Avalon, Victoria, mixed with short wave radio signals and a recording of a gale, made in the Antarctic by David Parer. The dancing has high energy and a very aerial quality. It is densely layered, using rapid entrances and exits, to give the feeling of turbulence in an extended space.  The work includes images of hovering; moving but not appearing to be moving.  In the theatre production of this work there was strong light which shone from behind the dancers and out directly onto the audience. Nanette was working with the image of grounding lights for planes and made the set appear as a landing strip at night.

It was first performed by students of the Victorian College of the Arts and subsequently included in the repertoire of DanceWorks and Tasdance.


Nanette Hassall


Les Gilbert


Original cast: Neil Adams, Tony Barnett, Phillippa Clarke, Tiina Hamalainen, Melita King, Sue-Ellen Kohler

Dancers in Remounts: Christopher Cole, Karen Ermacora, Martin Hughes, Felicity MacDonald, Raymond van der PlasJon Burtt, Jennie Clayton, Callum Cowell, Cameron Wallace-Mitchell, Sophie Yesberg, Wendy McPhee, Anna Smith


Costumes conceived by the choreographer




Secondary Schools and Main seasons in 1984, 1985 and 1990