Sarah Fiddaman


Sarah Fiddaman 2009

Sarah first joined the Tasdance ensemble for the Identity season in 2009 and has since performed in the seasons Heart Matters, Artery, Voltage, Luminous Flux and Threefold in works from choreographers including Anton, Trisha Dunn, Tanja Liedtke, Larissa McGowan, Graeme Murphy, Byron Perry, Chrissie Parrott, Francis Rings, Anna Smith, Solon Ulbrich, Gavin Webber, Adam Wheeler and Huang Yi. She has been engaged
 in a choreographic capacity for Tasdance’s education program Pulse and community projects Young At Heart, In Your Dreams and Dance Marinara.

Sarah began her dance career overseas, graduating from
the prestigious Heinz Bosl Stiftung in Munich in 2002, before joining the company Theatre Krefeld Moenchengladbach under the direction of Heidrun Schwaarz until 2004. Sarah enjoyed soloist and corps roles in works by Christopher Bruce, Balanchine, Hans Van Manen, Renate Zanella, Peter Marcus and Kurt Joos.

Upon her return to Australia, Sarah helped create Sydney’s DirtyFeet, working with choreographers including Dean Walsh, Anton, Vicki Van Hout, Kay Armstrong and Annalouise Paul. Sarah received nominations for ‘Most Outstanding Dancer’ in Dance Australia’s Critics Survey in 2013 and 2014
 and was awarded ‘Most Audacious Choreography’ at Short + Sweet Dance Melbourne 2013 for her solo work Shelf Life. Most recently, Sarah performed in Gregory Lorenzutti’s Mechanical Eye for Melbourne Fringe, and a show for children at Artplay from Nerida Weller, Couch Guerrillas.