Title of work

Enter Twilight


He wakes to a mischievous game. Will they play with his body and mind? Innocent children or knowing witches. Corrupted and evil or harmless and sweet. Whispers and teases. Scratch at the surface, unfold creases, untie the knots, let your eye accustom to the twilight of day. Or jump to conclusions, be blinded by the dark, and wind down like a doll, empty from goodness. Enter Twilight explores the paradox that exists within life's rituals. It measures the constitution of both the light and the dark, the virtuous and the evil.


Tanja Liedtke


DJ Tr!p


Original cast: Craig Bary, Trisha Dunn, Lisa Griffiths, Tania TabacchiMalcolm McMillan

2013 cast: Sarah Fiddaman, Brianna Kell, Jenni Large, Timothy Walsh

2015 cast: James Batchelor, Sarah Fiddaman, Katherine Gurr, Brianna KellAndrew Searle


Set: Tanja Liedtke with Darren Willmott, Lighting: Darren Willmott, Costumes: Alice Richardson, Tracie Leslie


2004 and 2013


Light and Shade in 2004 and Luminous Flux in 2013 and 2015. Download the program