Ben Cobham


As co-director of Bluebottle, Ben's experience encompasses theatrical and commercial environments, local government and the business sector with work for galleries, museums, visitor centres and outdoor sites. Years of investigation, research and contribution within the realm of live theatre, forms the foundation upon which he continues to build.

Ben graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts with a Diploma of Dramatic Arts in 1991. Since then has extensive experience with many of Australia's leading arts companies and directors both nationally and internationally. The outstanding work of Bluebottle was honoured with the 2001 Green Room John Truscott Award for Excellence in Design. Following Single Act Ben completed a project titled The Mars Experience, which involves the design and illumination of an inflatable bubble in which school students conduct scientific experiments on a constructed mars surface.

This collaboration with Gregory Burgess Architects is a blending of theatrical and architectural sensibilities. The interchange between various fields informs Bluebottle's ongoing research and capacity to deliver new concepts and outcomes. Ben has attempted to leave theatre but can't help coming back for more. Truth be known, he likes it.

Ben designed the set for Tanja Liedtke's work Always Building as part of Tasdance's 2006 production of Earth Beneath our Feet.