Deanne Butterworth


Deanne graduated from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in 1994 and has since worked as a choreographer/performer in Melbourne. In 1996 she performed with Shelly Lasica at the Next Wave Festival and created Lies Down The Body 11 for the Melbourne Fringe Festival. Deanne created and performed Remembrance at the Some Bodies Festival, an umbrella event of the 1997 Greenmill Dance Project. Deanne performed as part of the Poetry & Dance Festival run by Tasdance in 1997.

The work she performed was Remembrance.  "It is said that people with good memories don't remember anything because they don't forget anything; similarly, perhaps, the person with roots takes them for granted, while the person with no roots whatsoever is vividly aware of them, like some phantom ache in an amputated limb." Madan Sarap, Home and Identity