Louise Burns


Louise Burns 1991

Louise Burns has performed, choreographed, and taught throughout the world.  She was twice a member of the Merce Cunningham Company originating roles in 18 pieces including Duets, Inlets 2, and Exchange and recreating roles in such pieces as Summerspace, Ruin, and Torse.  Her performing experience extends to film.  She has appeared in documentaries about Mr Cunningham and his works and in several video/film collaborations between Mr. Cunningham and Charles Atlas as well as choreographing and performing in video/film projects by Bridget Murnane in Los Angeles.  She has choreographed for schools and companies all over the world including the Danish National School for Theatre and Dance, the Tasmanian Dance Company of Australia, Compagnie Coline of France and the dance departments of OSU and UCLA.  Ms. Burns has directed modern dance programs at University of Montana and Western Australian Academy for Performing Arts.  She was one of the originating faculty members of P.A.R.T.S. founded by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker of Brussels, rehearsal director for Jean Claude Gallotta of Grenoble, France and Groupe Emile Dubois touring Europe with Ulysses and Romeo et Juliet, and guest teacher with ROSAS and DCA/Philippe Decoufle.  She has performed the choreography of Mel Wong, and Kenneth King in the Improvisation Festival.  She has her degree from the University of Hawaii with a focus in Dance Ethnology.  Ms. Burns has been a Visiting Guest Artist in Dance at the College of William and Mary.  She now spends her time now between New York City and Singapore.

She choreographed Tazydans in 1981, Standby in 1982 and Winter Solos in 1985 for Tasdance.